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WIN a 100ml bottle of Bentley For Men Silverlake – Eau de Parfum

Bentley For Men Silverlake: An iconic bottle, reinvented in ice-cool silver.

Bentley For Men Silverlake has been developed with layers of cool aromatic notes based on the highest-quality, sustainable and natural ingredients, to conjure both an alpine landscape and the man who is free to explore it…

The scent opens with a rush of ice-cool notes, as lemon and peppermint essences blend to create the effect of a gust of pure, invigorating mountain air. As the heart of the fragrance unfolds, the green, moist-earth accents of violet leaf absolute evokes a majestic alpine forest, touched by the frosty bite of pink pepper essence. The cool sheen of lavender hints at the silver water of a lake, reflecting the clear blue sky. Boosting these bracing accords, a powerful blend of ambery woods carried by a breeze of pure white musk give the scent its crisp, modern, long-lasting trail. As exhilarating as a drive through a mountain landscape of snow-capped peaks, evergreen forests and crystal-clear lakes.

Bentley For Men Silverlake. RRP £69.50

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Please note, no cash prize alternative available. Winner selected at random. UK entrants only. Entrants must be aged 18 years or older. Only one bottle will be allocated per competition. See terms and conditions.


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