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What Are Learner-Approved Motorcycles And How To Choose One?

Choosing the first motorcycle is always tricky. Newly mature motorcyclists, in addition to not yet having any riding experience on two wheels, do not have a clear idea of what kind of motorcycle to ride. For a long-term and successful motorcycle career, the first motorcycle must be suitable. That's why we will describe what are good motorcycle riders for beginners, that is, bikes that we think, in our objective opinion, can suit most beginners.

Scooters For Beginners

We primarily advise beginners to consider buying a more modern maxi scooter of around 250-500 cm3. Such scooters offer comfort, mostly good wind protection, and quite enough power. At the same time, they are significantly more economical than motorcycles in terms of maintenance costs. They are a great option when searching for learner bikes and are ideal for the city, but also for trips outside the city. For those who haven't tried a motorcycle and want to get into motorcycling, we highly recommend maxi scooters. Whoever finds themselves in it will not need to switch to a motorcycle. And for anyone still interested in a real motorcycle, the experience of riding a maxi scooter will certainly benefit him/her.

List of Recommended Motorcycles for Learners

We will describe several models that are primarily good for the city but can also serve you for weekend drives of a few hundred kilometres.

  • Suzuki SV650S / SV650 - for the first motorcycle on this list we will put the reliable and versatile Suzuki SV650S. This motorcycle, in addition to excellent features, is decorated with a reliable power unit, as well as solid protection from the wind on rides outside the city.

  • Yamaha XT660X: For those who want a slightly weaker motorcycle, and at the same time are a bit taller, the XT660 is a good choice. The negative side is the lack of a visor that protects the rider from the wind, but this can be solved by installing an aftermarket visor.

  • Honda CB600F Hornet: The well-proven and reliable Honda Hornet is a good choice for those who want a slightly more powerful motorcycle. If you prefer sportbikes, the Honda Hornet is a good base for gaining experience, at least as far as power delivery is concerned.

Of course, we do not advise beginners to buy high-powered sports bikes because such bikes should be acquired gradually by gathering riding experience on less aggressive bikes. Certainly, no motorcycle on our list should be taken lightly in terms of power. Even motorcycles with a maximum power of 10-15 hp can be very dangerous if you do not respect them and if your riding skills are not at a good level.

In the end, the most important advice we can give you about choosing a motorcycle is that it doesn't matter which model you choose. Almost any motorcycle will give you a sense of freedom and excitement. It is much more important to decide and finally buy a motorcycle, than which specific model you bought. And when you buy it, ride it as much as possible and enjoy life!


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