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Weddings Are Back – how to choose the perfect fragrance for the big day

Weddings are back – and whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or guest – it’s time to think about those all-important finishing touches, like choosing the perfect fragrance to make a lasting impression on the special day.

Perfume expert, Jonny Webber, from has this advice to make sure your fragrance strikes the perfect balance – whatever your role in the wedding.

For Brides and Bridesmaids

Making Memories

Memory is inextricably linked to scent which is why for a bride, especially, it is so important to invest in a beautiful, unique and evocative perfume for your wedding day. Just like the dress, venue, flowers and colour scheme – you should think carefully about the scent that you wear as it will play a major role in the day itself, perhaps without you realising it.

A scent you have never worn before will make certain that your chosen perfume cannot be weakened with other memories and will instead act as a time capsule of the day – strongly evoking that perfect memory for the future.

Similarly, you may choose a fragrance which already holds precious reminders for you, such as the one you wore for your first date with your soon to be life partner, or one which reminds you of a cherished family member who can’t be here – therefore making their memory part of your day.

It could be that you choose a perfume that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t justify the price tag – but today is the day you get to own it.

Think about complimentary fragrance notes that won’t eau-fend or clash

When choosing your fragrance, there are a few guiding principals in terms of the fragrance notes you choose:

* What you and your future husband like

* what time of the year you are getting married

* the flowers (and their notes) in your bouquet

* what your bridesmaid and fiancé will be wearing

You don’t want fragrance notes to clash.

A shrewd idea is to gift your bridesmaids a complimentary scent as part of the pre wedding bridal shower. This way you can ensure you are all perfectly perfume matched. Choose a scent for your bridesmaids with fragrance notes that compliment your chosen signature scent.

The best way to do this is consult a fragrance wheel or use a fragrance finder – which shows which scents complement each other.

As a rule fragrances belong to four families floral, oriental, woody and fresh – with subgroups within each one. You could opt to select a fragrance for your bridesmaids from the same family as your perfume – or from one at the opposite side of the wheel.

How to make your scent last

When it comes to applying fragrance on the big day, layering is key. Applying a body lotion or cream with the same fragrance as your perfume is a great way to make the smell last. Apply the fragrance first, then lock it in with the lotion or cream. Not only does this increase the lasting quality but the alcohol in the fragrance won’t break down the cream, so the moisturising factor is maximised. Vaseline is also a good alternative.

Applying your perfume early will not only help to lock in the fragrance, it will also reduce any risk of staining your dress. When applying, don’t forget to think about all of your pulse points – wrist, elbow crease, behind you ear lobes and your cleavage. You could also apply it to a brush or comb and brush it through your hair when you are getting ready.

Many popular fragrances also come in 4.5ml minis, making them ideal if you want to discreetly re-apply your perfume throughout the day – so consider buying one as part of your wedding prep and giving it to someone in your wedding party to look after.

Here are some fragrance ideas from

Fresh Fragrances

Usually comprising of citrus, water, and green notes – zesty and vibrant, these fragrances evoke summer mornings and the sun’s warmth.

Dior Miss Dior EDP Perfume Spray 30ml £57.99 - Seductive and intoxicating, this fragrance is the refinement of a fresh and sensual rose woven with mandarin orange, patchouli, amber and vanilla.

Jimmy Choo EDP Perfume Spray 40ml £28.99 - Opening with luminous green top notes full of glittering radiance, the heart of rich and exotic tiger orchid lends a creamy seductiveness to the fragrance.

Floral Scents

Sweet, flowery, light, and delicate to more complex and intense, these fragrances make the ideal signature summer wedding scent.

Gucci Bloom EDP Perfume Spray 100ml £89.99 - A rich, white, floral scent, transporting you to a beautiful, thriving garden, full of blooming flowers.

Oriental Perfumes – warm, sweet, and spicy, luxurious and sensual, these perfumes are perfect for an autumnal wedding to sway the senses and smell delicious.

Valentino Donna Born In Roma EDP Perfume Spray 30ml £52.99 - The fragrance is a couture elegance made of three jasmine flowers and accords, blended with vanilla bourbon, one of the most expensive ingredients in modern perfumery.

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme EDP Perfume Spray 50ml £77.99 – A seductive oriental – floral fragrance, sensual and extravagant.


Agent Provocateur EDP Perfume Spray 100ml £23.99 – a modern classic, combining exotic saffron oil from India and Vetiver from Haiti

Wedding Guest? The ideal perfumes for all types of wedding

As a wedding guest, you will be required to remain fresh and sweet for several hours, therefore, the perfect scent to choose is one you can apply liberally as and when, rather than a spray or two of something expensive before leaving home. An Eau De Toilette is perfect as opposed to an Eau de Parfum for a regular spritz, or a smaller handbag size bottle is ideal.

A wedding is a great opportunity to splash out on a new special scent. Some things to think about before you buy:

* What time of the year is the wedding? Fresh and floral fragrances tend to suit warmer weather, whereas an oriental scent has more Autumnal and Wintery vibes.

* Are you a day guest or an evening guest? If you’re going for the full day you need a scent with longevity that isn’t too overpowering. If you’re an evening guest, you could opt for a more sultry, deeper scent that will suit the party atmosphere of the night do.

Fresh Scents are great all-rounders

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue EDT Spray 100ml £54.99 - This fresh, floral-fruit scent is a tribute to Mediterranean life. Stare at the clear blue skies, feel the warm of the sun and linger in the memory, with this stunning fragrance.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love EDT Perfume Spray 50ml £47.99 - A captivating, addictive scent for the millennials. Youthful, yet sophisticated with a happy-go-lucky character.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Spray 30ml £49.99 - Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage, Lively, spirited and totally joyful.

Miu Miu L’Eau Rosee EDT Spray 50ml £47.99 - A dreamy fresh, floral fragrance with delicate lily-of- the-valley dominating the fragrance, blended with peach, peony, rose and sensual musk.

Jimmy Choo Illicit EDT Perfume Spray 60ml £29.99 - Adding a new twist to the original rose accord that intuitively radiates an air of femininity. With juicy apricot and zesty mandarin, over a floral heart of grapefruit blossom and jasmine creating a fresh, sparkling, seductive scent.


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