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Vespa launches first ever electric scooter, the Vespa Elettrica

Vespa’s first ever electric scooter model is now available to buy in London, exclusively from BMG Scooters….

Of course, Vespa had to get on track and design their first ever electric scooter – it was just a matter of when. With 70 plus years of history, the brand has been always been forward-thinking when it comes to creating stylish, design-led motorcycles, and so it’s no surprise that they have released an electric vehicle. Increasing consumer demand and an upward trend for electric road models have meant Vespa is at the forefront of the motoring game once again.

The all-new Vespa Elettrica is symbolic of the brand’s positioning and potential for the future. Maintaining the sleek and iconic design profile that Vespa is well- known for, the electrically charged model is a much-anticipated addition to the brand’s current range of scooters.

Since launching in 1946, Vespa has become a pioneer in the transport industry. Their first model, the Vespa 98, was an overnight success and changed the Italian way of travelling on two wheels, forever. Vespa has been manufacturing scooters and bike models for lifestyle and sporting purposes ever since.

The Elettrica allows three different driving power modes, and it can be switched to “extender mode” to run the generator non-stop as needed. These features make the Elettrica a flexible, secure and very convenient ride for every type of motorist, and works around what a rider needs at any given moment, whether it’s taking a leisurely drive to enjoy the open road, or handling the bike through rush hour in town.

The Elettrica can go 5 days without needing a charge and in fact only takes up to 4 hours to fully charge again, meaning it can be left to charge while you pop to the shops, or even be plugged in to charge at a hotel while you’re out exploring the sites on foot. It is also completely silent, but because safety is paramount to the manufacturers at Vespa, the Elettrica makes a courtesy beep as and where required, to ensure that you can be heard and are safe, and to let other motorists know that you are there.

Not just sleek and silent, the Vespa Elettrica is also an ecologically and technologically advanced vehicle – and it’s smart. The many features offered include the multimedia system that connects a smartphone to the vehicle, so it can be managed through an interface incorporating a digital instrument panel with a 4.3 inch colour TFT display.

Connecting the dedicated Vespa App to the vehicle allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of the TFT display. The system enables riders to use the handlebar buttons to answer calls and use the smartphone's voice commands to make calls or play music. Of course, the predisposition for connection to the outside world is not limited to the various Infotainment functions. Thanks to the Vespa App, once connected to the Vespa Elettrica, your smartphone becomes an exceptional source of real-time vehicle information, including trip time, distance covered, battery life, statistics on the last 30 trips, and much more besides. Meanwhile, the Elettrica’s remote control key comes with an in-built “Bike Finder” feature (which flashes the turn indicators) and the inside of the back plate compartment contains a USB socket for charging your smartphone on the go.

Pricing Information:

£4,995 for the Vespa Elettrica L1 model

£5,250 for the Vespa Elettrica L3 model

Prices include the 20% PIMG grant (Plug-In Motorcycle Grant)

The Elettrica is available in London from BMG Scooters exclusively

416 Upper Richmond Road, London SW14 7JX

+44 (0) 208 878 8121.


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