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Things I would buy if I won the lottery

It is a dream everyone enjoys from time to time. We dream of hitting the lottery and winning more money than we know what to do with. We don’t even have to feel guilty about it now because if we play the Lottoland Charity Lotto, a portion of the funds goes to charity. So, people in need are helped, and we can freely enjoy our dreams of splurging on things we wish we could afford. Below we have made a list of things that would make our shopping list. Let’s see if you agree.

Penthouse - Mayfair

The first item on the list is a stunning penthouse home in the historic Mayfair district of London. Of course, we would insist upon a rooftop terrace and at least five bedroom suites with five full baths. The one we have our eye on is more than 5000 sq. m. and is professionally decorated in timeless neutral colours. The price for this perfect home is £15,950,000.

Photo credit: carbuzz

2022 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Maybach Edition)

Only 100 of these vehicles will be introduced around the world during the first six months of 2022. This “best of the best” luxury sedan is sure to be in high demand. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is noted as an automobile that will hold its value.

This automobile would surely make my “must-have” list, with the following features:

  • Beautiful dual-colour schemes inside and outside

  • E-active technology allows you to command the car with simple sentences. Saying, “I’m hot,” will prompt the car to adjust the temperature where you are sitting.

  • Luxury Interior design

  • Leather seats that quickly heat and cool and come with massage features

  • Powerful engine

  • Top-of-the-line, high-tech safety features

Uberjets Membership

Instead of continual maintenance and storage on a private jet, I would buy an annual membership for Uberjets. These private jets are the equivalent of luxury hotels in the sky. Some come with two king-size and two full-size bedrooms. They also have several areas that can convert to sleeping quarters for additional guests. There are cocktail areas, sitting rooms, entertainment systems, fully-stocked gourmet kitchens, bars, and many custom designs. I would travel first-class every time I traveled, and my guests would enjoy the ultimate vacation experience anytime they went with me.

Photo credit: Pinterest

A Quality Wardrobe

Once I have won the lottery, there is no telling what I will do next. I may travel the world. I may start a new company. I could build my social status and rub elbows with celebrities and political leaders. Whatever I will do, I will need a nice wardrobe to do it in. Below is the basic list of new items I will add to my wardrobe so I will be ready for anything:

  • Three Tailored suits - Black, Navy, Gray

  • Two quality wool blazers to wear with nice slacks and a polo or tee - Blue, gray

  • 2 - white Button-down shirts

  • 2 - light blue Button-down shirts

  • 2 - patterned Button-down shirts

  • Gray sweater - cashmere

  • Gray sweater - wool

  • Hoodie (no label or logo)

  • 3 pairs of slim-fit jeans - Indigo, White, Chino

  • 3 pairs of shorts - Indigo, White, Chino

  • Shoes - Summer shoes, Sneakers (no logo or label), Sandals, Leather shoes, Black, Brown

  • Accessories - Leather belts that match shoes, Quality watch, Quality sunglasses

Photo credit: Pinterest


Can you imagine winning the lottery and not wearing a Rolex? Rolex watches are the symbol of wealth and class for men around the world. They come in many styles, themes, and colours. There is even a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch that honours the relationship forged between the two companies in 2013. If I won the lottery, I would buy at least one (or more) of these fabulous watches.

Photo credit: Pinterest


I like the idea that betting on the lottery helped contribute to charities. I would probably take a portion of my winnings and donate additional money to the needy. I know I would help certain people that I care about to secure their homes and health. Like anyone who is responsible, I would invest in my future. I want to know that I will be financially secure when I age. I might set up a trust fund for the education of future members of my family. Finally, I would build an animal shelter in my town dedicated to the security, health, and welfare of all animals.


These are the basic things I would buy if I won the lottery. I am sure there are other things that I have not thought of. For example, I really like cotton candy. Maybe I would hire someone to follow me around with a cotton candy machine so I can always have some on hand. But then again, maybe not. I don’t think I want my Mercedes getting all sticky.


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