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Theía, the Mykonos inspired restaurant bringing Mediterranean cuisine to Los Angeles

Conceptualised by visionary entrepreneur and real estate developer Max Simon and inspired by the glamour and glory of Mykonos, Theía’s lively yet sophisticated ambiance transports guests to a Mediterranean oasis.

With interiors designed by Joshua Wymyczak and Tracy Hutson of Tracy Hutson Design, Theía provides guests with the quintessential indoor-outdoor dining experience. Upon entering the space, we were greeted by live plant walls and luxurious interiors with pops of navy and hot pink throughout. A large bar, designed to be the focal point of the restaurant, sits in the center of the 77-seat space. Navy velvet banquets line the walls for elegant indoor seating and large, street-facing windows open up to the alfresco dining area on West 3rd, with large hedges surround the space to create an intimate dining experience.

Excited to try the modern Mediterranean fare from Chef Moises Placencia we started the evening with mezze, a smoky baba ganoush and truffle potato croquettes. The mixology program from Bar Manager Sean Leopold features artistically crafted libations that combine the finest ingredients with whimsical presentations to create cocktails that stimulate the senses. Signature drinks include the Purple 75 with Tanqueray gin, St. Germain, fresh lemon juice, and champagne served with a dropper of butterfly pea flower that guests are invited to place into the drink that naturally transforms the color from a light yellow to a deep purple.

To accompany the starters we tried two very inventive cocktails. We opted for the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Purple which was presented with a test tube that once poured changed the colour of the drink to purple and the Love Letters cocktail had a secret message written across the top in foam.

Entrees appeal to both taste and visual senses, with dishes like the Colorado rack of lamb that arrives to the table enveloped in smoke so all your senses are tickled or the salted crusted loup de mer topped with a caper beurre blanc sauce. We shared a delicious 30 day dry-aged Tomahawk rib eye with brokolini, spanaki, and crispy potatoes, which was cooked to perfection.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was buzzing as belly dancers made their way through the tables with flashing lights and bearing shots for everyone! It definitely felt like we were transported to a beach bar and restaurant in Mykonos. We finished off the evening with a delicate pistachio baklava and truly decadent chocolate flourless cake.

“I wholeheartedly believe that dining out should be a full sensory experience, which is what we have created at Theía,” says Simon. “It’s an all-encompassing concept unlike any other in the city, with safe, contact-free cocktail and culinary creations designed to entertain.”


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