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Taste the best of Moët Hennessy at Cocktails in the City 2022

Get ready to discover the Moët Hennessy brands like you've never tasted them before, with the return of Cocktails in the City, taking place between 8th – 10th September.

A selection of Moët Hennessy’s most celebrated and enjoyed brands will be gathering at Bedford Square Garden to offer their own pop-up booths, where each will serve a variety of delicious and summer-inspired cocktails. From Glenmorangie and Hennessy to Belvedere and Moët & Chandon, there will be something for everyone throughout the festival.

Celebrating ten years of hosting cocktail festivals around the UK, Cocktails in the City has worked with hundreds of the country’s finest bars and bartenders, shaking and stirring hundreds of thousands of cocktails in the process. On top of the world-class serves, the event is the country’s most collaborative and dynamic - offering a range of cutting-edge experiences, encouraging guests to try something new and discover something different.

Here is a look at the Moët Hennessy brands you can try at Cocktail in the City 2022:


Ardbeg prides itself on being The Ultimate Islay Malt Whisky. Established in 1815, Ardbeg is revered by connoisseurs around the world as the peatiest, smokiest and most complex of all the Islay malts. Despite its smokiness, Ardbeg is renowned for its delicious sweetness, a phenomenon that has affectionately become known as ‘the peaty paradox’. During the 1980s and 1990s, Ardbeg suffered from an uncertain future, and it was not until the brand was purchased by The Glenmorangie Company in 1997 that the Distillery was saved from extinction. Since then, the Distillery has risen like a phoenix and today Ardbeg is well established as a niche, cult malt, with a passionate following.

Partner bar: Strongman’s Tipple 286 Lynton Road, London SE1 5ZS


Made from only Polska rye, purified water & distillation process by fire, Belvedere contains zero additives, is certified kosher, and is produced in accordance with the legal regulations of Polska vodka. Produced in one of the world’s longest operating polish distilleries that has been making vodka since 1910, Master Rye Distillers draw from a 600-year polish vodka-making history to craft vodka of distinct taste & character. Its taste profile is structured and elegant with hints of almond, vanilla and white pepper, a subtle sweet velvety mouthfeel and a smooth, clean finish.

Partner bar: Coupette 423 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AN

X by Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie’s Highland whisky makers use endless imagination and five key ingredients – wood, water, barley, yeast and time – to dream up delicious single malt whiskies. Known as the Distillers of Tain, they’ve been honing their craft for more than 175 years. Imagining the ultimate single malt whisky for mixing, we worked with top bartenders to craft a sweeter and richer Glenmorangie, perfect for enjoying in all manner of drinks. To achieve our whisky’s wondrous cascade of taste, we draw on our epic array of casks. And so our freewheeling single malt comes to life, with swirling aromas of pear and vanilla setting the stage for rich orange sherbet and fudge. X by Glenmorangie is wonderful mixed with any flavour you choose (and as you’d expect, it is also delicious neat).

Partner bar: Funkidory 42 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR


The leader in Cognac, the Maison Hennessy has shone around the world with its exceptional know-how for more than 250 years. Built on founder Richard Hennessy’s spirit of conquest, the brand is present in more than 160 countries.

Based in the heart of the Charente region, Hennessy is also a steadfast pillar of the regional economy. The House’s success and longevity are rooted in the excellence of its cognacs, each of which is born of a unique process of transmission of know-how from generation to generation. The first spirits house to be certified ISO 14001, Hennessy unites its capacity for innovation and the support of all of its partners to protect this exceptional area.

As a crown jewel of the LVMH Group, Hennessy is a major contributor to French international trade, with 99% of production sold in export, and a worldwide ambassador for the French art de vivre. Partner bar: Blind Pig 58 Poland Street, Soho, London, W1F 7NR

Moët & Chandon

Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon is the Maison that contributed to introducing Champagne to the

world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion. From the iconic Moët Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, from the extroverted Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial to the innovative Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial, each Champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate and an elegant maturity. Since its founding, Moët & Chandon has been a Champagne of choice to celebrate historical moments or private moments of great personal importance. For each of life’s memorable moments, Moët & Chandon has a style of Champagne that marks the moment in a very unique way.

Partner bar: Disrepute 4 Kingly Court, Soho W1F 9RR


Eminente is a new Cuban rum from the heart of an island locals call ‘Isla del Cocodrilo’, whose unusual shape resembles that of its native crocodile. Imagined by César Martí, the youngest Cuban Maestro Ronero (Rum Master), Eminente is a rich and full-bodied rum that draws its inspiration from 19th-century Cuban sugarcaneeaux-de-vie, with all their complexity.

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is a land of contrasting rums. Distinct regions of Cuba are home to various landscapes and qualities of soil, resulting in singular rums that vary in colour, taste and use. Occidente or Western-style rum is made near Havana: it is famous for being intense, dry, punchy - and perfect for cocktails. On the opposite side of the island, Oriente or Eastern-style rum is smooth, fruity and ideal for sipping. Eminente, from the Central province of Villa Clara, combines the best of both regions, in a perfect balancing act: refreshing and robust, smooth yet complex, ideal for both mixing and sipping. Surprisingly unknown outside of the island, this style of rum is one of Cuba’s bestkept secrets.

Partner bar: Lost in Brixton, Brixton 11 Market Row, SW9 8LB


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