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STUDIO10 - Changing the face of ageing

PRO AGE warrior, beauty expert and STUDIO10 founder Grace Fodor is on a mission to help every woman to look and feel their most beautiful and confident version of themselves – at ANY age.

Hitting her mid 40s, Grace found herself labelled as ‘middle aged’ and surrounded by negative anti-ageing stereotypes that didn’t reflect how she felt or lived her life. 74% of women feel that many products and services don’t reflect their needs, including the beauty industry with their seemingly ‘one rule suits all’ approach. Grace found that there were just too many dressed-up versions of mainstream products that don’t work for mature skins.

Grace felt that she wanted to celebrate her age, wear it proudly and feel truly confident – after all beauty doesn’t just belong to youth, it is ageless. With so many current beauty standards and brands excluding women after a certain age and ostracising the very audience they want to communicate with. And so STUDIO10 was born.

It’s a high-performing PRO AGE makeup formulated and designed for mature skins and that are super-easy to use. Skincare-hybrids enriched with the best skin loving and anti-pollution ingredients that are cruelty free, paraben free, dermatologically tested and vegan friendly.

Hailed as ‘genius’ by India Knight of the Sunday Times, these ‘real -skin’ essentials are a shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty. STUDIO10 delivers real results with the least amount of effort.

Studio10 is more than skin deep, it’s a movement. Grace is a PRO AGE warrior passionate about challenging the outdated stereotypes, misconceptions and redefining age and beauty. Standing united to create a voice to give women the recognition they deserve and fight against the notions that make them feel invisible, undervalued and unattractive, stamping out ageism once and for all Its’s time to be seen and be heard – PRO AGE not anti age.


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