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Ruby Mimi Hotel & Bar Zurich: A Nostalgic Retreat in the Heart of the City

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Zurich, the Ruby Mimi Hotel & Bar is a tribute to the golden era of Hollywood glamour. Once a historic cinema, this boutique establishment has seamlessly woven the essence of early moviemaking into its very fabric.

Transporting guests back to the days when silent movies reigned supreme, the interior design at Ruby Mimi is an ode to Hollywood's formative years. Velvet furnishings, art nouveau accents, and vintage memorabilia, including cameras and costumes, adorn the 24-hour bar, exuding the raw allure of classic movie sets. The blend of grit and glamour creates an ambience that's both nostalgic and captivating.

Reflecting their Lean Luxury philosophy, Mimi's rooms are designed for comfort and style. Each space features a plush bed, a luxurious rainfall shower, and soft, inviting towels. The juxtaposition of warm wood panels with touches of burnished brass and dressing room-inspired luxe adds a touch of sophistication. Notably, the rooms include a Marshall amp that invites guests to craft their cinematic soundtrack.

Convenience reigns supreme at Ruby Mimi, with its prime location merely a two-minute walk from Zurich's main station. Travellers find themselves a mere nine minutes away from the airport via train or S-Bahn. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to the River Limmat, Zurich's old town, and the city's renowned shopping streets makes it an ideal hub for both explorers and seasoned visitors.

For those eager to explore, Zurich offers an array of experiences. From indulging in high-end shopping along Bahnhofstrasse to wandering through the historic Altstadt's cobblestone streets and charming cafes, many delights are awaiting discovery. Not to mention, the city's outdoor offerings, whether a stroll by the lake or an invigorating hike up Uetliberg, cater to nature enthusiasts and urban adventurers alike.

Ruby Mimi Hotel & Bar in Zurich seamlessly marries the opulence of Hollywood's past with contemporary comfort. Its fusion of vintage allure, strategic location, and thoughtful amenities ensures a memorable stay for those seeking a nostalgic yet indulgent urban escape. Whether you're a movie buff, a shopaholic, or an outdoor enthusiast, Ruby Mimi promises a quintessential Zurich experience for all.

Rooms at Ruby Mimi start from £190 per night (two sharing).


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