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Recipe: Summer Salad by Anthony Bisquerra of Alpaga, Megève

As Chef of the two Michelin starred La Table de l’Alpaga and L’Onyx at the recently renovated Alpaga, Anthony draws inspiration from his Alpine surroundings to craft delicious dishes that mirror the changing seasons. As we look ahead to warmer months, he has curated a delicious recipe for a crisp Summer Salad which makes for the perfect starter or side.


1 romaine lettuce

500g Rocket salad

2 Red oak lettuce leaves

1 Bunch of chives

1 Bunch of chervil

1 Bunch of dill

1/2 Bunch of radishes

2 Orange carrots

2 Purple carrots

2 Yellow carrots

1 Yellow zucchini

1 Zucchini

1 Fennel bulb

80g Roasted pine nuts

80g Roasted einkorn

Ingredients for the vinaigrette:

45ml red wine vinegar

45ml of sherry vinegar

6g salt

15g mustard

15g chopped shallots

4g chopped tarragon

20cl sunflower oil

10cl olive oil


1. Heat the oven and roast the pine nuts for 10 minutes at 150°C, turning twice for an even colour.

2. Wash the lettuce and salad leaves separately. Cut the radishes, carrots, zucchini and fennel into

approximately 2mm thick shavings using a mandolin. Plunge them in iced water.

3. Make the herb salad by combining the herb leaves and sprigs (keep the stems to create a delicious herb


4. Mix the vinegars with the salt until dissolved, add the mustard, then the oils, the shallots and the tarragon.

5. Drain the vegetables. In a bowl mix all the vegetable shavings, the herb salad and the roasted pine nuts

Season with the vinaigrette to your liking.


Anti-waste tip:

Collect the stems of herbs, mix with grapeseed oil (3 bunches of stems / 50 cl of grapeseed oil). Pass through a colander and reserve away from the light. You can use this herbal oil to season your salads.


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