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Natural Luxury: The magic secret to Panda’s award-winning Bamboo Pillows

Panda London launched a pillow in 2015 that has become a worldwide favourite. The Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow harnesses the magic of their signature fabric - bamboo.

Bamboo is not only one of the world’s most sustainable resources, the unique wonderplant hosts an abundance of natural benefits for sleep and skin. Hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and highly breathable, it is the ideal choice for those who experience allergies or sensitive skin. The fabric is as soft and luxurious as the highest thread count Egyptian cotton, whilst being a kinder alternative for the planet. Panda’s classic Bamboo Pillow comes sealed in a silky, smooth bamboo cover, providing all the fabric’s incredible properties combined with the naturally contouring, advanced support of third-generation foam.

With many sleepers experiencing overheating at night, the Bamboo Pillow is a dream come true. Bamboo is thermoregulating, intuitively reacting to body temperature for cool Summer nights and cosy winters. Their pillow is perfect for all seasons, making it the go-to choice for sustainable comfort all year round.

Panda set out to create the most luxurious products that did not cost the Earth. “We believe that bamboo is the wonder fabric of the 21st century. The bridge between sustainability and luxury needs to be built through accessibility and education to become the ‘norm’ when shopping for quality products at home. Bamboo is an incredible way to build that bridge” one of the company directors says.

By blending bamboo with the latest science, Panda has mastered the secret to a great night’s sleep. The Bamboo Pillow has a core of supportive memory foam that optimises alignment, keeping the head and neck in perfect alignment. Whether front, back or side, the pillow will adjust to all sleeping positions for the ultimate comfort.

Since the Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow, Panda has released an updated model with increased breathability, airflow and slightly more cushioning. The Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is infused with an antibacterial bamboo charcoal, optimising airflow, freshness and sleep hygiene. The adaptive memory foam offers bespoke support while their BambooCloud™ cover seals the pillow with a quilted softness. The removable cover is easy to wash and keep clean, another unique quality of bamboo is it gets softer with every wash. This enhances the durability and comfort of the pillow for many years. Creating products that last is at the heart of the brand’s ethos. Their circle-of-life programme further ensures when products are finished with, they will collect and dispose of them responsibly.

Panda offers extensive guarantees and free home trials with all of their products along with exceptional customer service and a production process that is proudly eco-friendly from forest to the front door. Their collection includes the world's most breathable Hybrid Bamboo Mattress, which recently scooped a T3 award recognising groundbreaking innovations in the home industry. They source their bamboo from the world’s most sustainable forests to craft their exceptional, carefully selected range of bedding, pillows, kids and bath products.

Their Bamboo Pillow, which is also available for babies, toddlers and kids is the essence of natural luxury, providing an amazing night’s sleep that is as kind to skin as it is to the planet,


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