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Meliá launches 'The Meliá Collection' a portfolio of unique luxury hotels

Tourism continues to constantly evolve, with new trends revealing a growing preference for brands and experiences that enhance the authenticity and meaning of travel. For Meliá Hotels International, this new way of travelling and discovering destinations has led to the creation of a collection of exclusive hotels in which their exclusivity, independent personality, and strong local roots are some of their main attractions. The Meliá Collection currently brings together some of the most unique hotels in the company’s portfolio, all with a very distinctive personality due to their iconic location, or the traditions and history they represent.

This new collection of hotels is an additional step in Meliá’s differentiation strategy and its commitment to superior-quality tourism, enhancing discovery, and authentic destinations - whether it is the essence of a city, an exclusive holiday location, or a remote and exotic natural setting. This connection with the destination can be seen in the design, architecture, style and decoration of the hotels, in their dining options, as well as in their exclusive selection of amenities. A mutual offering of each property is their collection of special experiences for guests to truly immerse themselves in the surroundings, and local cuisine and traditions, with a focus on local, organic, and sustainable products and flavours.

The Meliá Collection:

Hotel Hacienda Del Conde, Tenerife

A Canary Islands hacienda with its own personality and a style rooted in local traditions. It is located in northeastern Tenerife between Buenavista and Punta de Teno - an area of exceptional natural beauty that offers an experience of nature and relaxation steeped in culture - and next to a golf course designed by Severiano Ballesteros with privileged views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hotel Desert Palm, Dubai

A refined and discreet wellness oasis on a 160-acre polo estate with contemporary design, this is a place where discerning travellers can discover authentic and sophisticated wellness, and sport experiences. From the entrance through the tall gates to the lush estate and impressive polo field, a spirit of the “sport of kings” is ever-present through the owner’s personal art collection on display throughout the resort. The exclusive villas with private pools, the indoor spa, and a great choice of dining options make it one of the most prestigious polo centres in the world.

Hotel Serengeti Lodge, Tanzania

This luxury hotel, built using natural materials from the Serengeti area itself, blends into the natural environment to offer a wildlife experience including taking travellers along hidden paths to secret locations where magnificent lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, and giraffes live in their natural habitat. The essence of the natural environment is reflected throughout the property with traditional Masai designs and colours, as well as organic shapes that pay tribute to the protective spirit, and reflect awareness that the hotel owes its very existence to nature and the Serengeti.

Hotel Villa Marquis, Paris

Since opening in 1823, it has been home to major artists such as Victor Hugo and other renowned figures. Historically, the hotel is linked to the Hurault de Vibraye dynasty, which played a key role in the cultural world in Paris. The recent renovation of the hotel was inspired by the beauty and design of the famous Eiffel Tower. The façade is a mixture of refined colours, sophistication, and innovative architectural geometry, combined with the symmetry and sobriety of Art Deco linear design.

Hotel Maison Colbert, Paris

Redesigned as a modern tribute to the life of the renowned Spanish artist Joaquín Sorolla and his connection with Paris, the hotel displays the artist’s vivid depictions of the Parisian lifestyle and art. The exquisite decoration highlights the way the artist was able to capture the Parisian culture and lifestyle, its historic cafés and the lives of the French bourgeoisie, their fashion and elegance.

Hotel London Kensington, London

From the carefully selected colours to the elegant interiors, every detail of this hotel evokes the historic and unique wallpaper designs by William Morris in the 18th, 19th and early-20th centuries, inspired by English garden flowers, and celebrated here as an extension of traditional art. Damask designs, Spitalfields silks and Marlborough patterns combine in exquisite harmony throughout the London Kensington hotel.


“We are very proud of the launch of The Meliá Collection, a project we have been working on with a lot of passion. It will allow us to continue distinguishing our hotels and offering great value propositions to travellers seeking experiences rooted in their destination, and also to hotel owners who wish to grow together with a leading hotel group while retaining all the essence and personality of their iconic hotels” says Gabriel Escarrer, Vice Chairman and CEO of Meliá Hotels International.


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