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Luxury homeware brand CÔCO GIN launches

New luxurious home brand CÔCO GIN have launched with a collection featuring four editions of exquisite lacquer butler trays designed to raise the spirits and spike the imagination.

CÔCO GIN butler trays celebrate both ancient artistries and extraordinary characters from history, with a view of offering both inquisitive hosts and generous guests domesticated treasures to give and with which to receive. Hand crafted in Vietnam, a centuries old, 100 day long 32-step process applies two dozen layers of lacquer resin extracted from cashew nut shells before etching, painting, and accenting with metallic leaf.

There are four editions of the trays, each with a unique tale to tell:

• Étoile entrances stargazers with a map recalling Tycho Brahe, the Danish Renaissance astronomer who lost his nose duelling over a math problem at a friend’s wedding, €1.840.

• Kingmaker is for those who believe the future lies not in our stars but in ourselves – and in peering through the keyholes to glimpse the secrets of power, €1.980.

• Casati, based on Marchesa Luisa Casati, famed for her decadent style and legendary life features, a Venetian maze in which the Marchesa herself famously promenaded her pet cheetahs, naked, through the gin haze of the Jazz Age, €1.980.

• Poison, the dual-edge of gracious living since man first mixed libation, entertains with a lavish display that dares you to name yours, €2.120.

Each limited edition piece goes through a meticulous process to receive two dozen layers of lacquer, followed by engraving and hand-painted gold leaf. Each tray comes numbered in a limited edition, with a certificate of authenticity and the story behind it. The trays are available to buy through the brand’s website and will also be available through Moda Operandi, via a virtual trunk show.

CÔCO GIN Creative founder Lucila de La Bédoyère says:

“After many years of travelling, with an obsessive eye for the wonderful and the eccentric, we have pulled together some of the treasures and inspirations we have found – creating our very own cabinet of curiosities. We created CÔCO GIN in this spirit, seeking to offer inquisitive hosts and their guests domesticated items with a story to tell. Bearing heavily on both old and new worlds, our designs complement the home with a touch of the bizarre and forgotten.”

de La Bédoyère references a Portuguese word saudade as inspiration for the brand – originally from Brazil, she now lives in Lisbon with her husband and business partner. Saudade is a word for a nostalgic state of intense longing for someone or something that is absent. The inspiration for the brand partly arose from this longing for an ideal world of friends, generosity, abundance and style.


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