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Le Jules Verne restaurant attains a coveted Michelin Star

Hosted in the exquisite Jules Verne restaurant, the 2021 Michelin Group judges awarded this year's Michelin stars to a wealth of both longstanding and emerging talent amongst the fine dining scene.

Gastronomic restaurant Le Jules Verne, located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, is now completely renovated, and re-opened its doors during the summer 2019, with Chef Frédéric Anton at the helm, and was included in the awards as it secured its first successive Michelin Star.

Architect Aline Asmar d'Amman led the renovation and designed an impressive interior that brought this gastronomic venue into a new era where culinary and decorative arts embrace within the legendary 'iron lady'.

Thanks to subtle pairings, the restaurant’s dishes reveal the best in each ingredient while emphasizing aromas and flavors. For each dish, ingredients are finely chopped by the chef, an homage to the Eiffel Tower’s architecture. Frédéric Anton created his tasteful dishes blending flavors, colors and materials while working with seasonal ingredients.

An experience of flavor enhanced by the restaurant’s new environment, designed by Aline Asmar d'Amman. It was her desire to join Frédéric Anton, in ushering the restaurant into a new era where culinary decorative arts harmonize together and weave lasting connections with Paris.

The tone of the space is a combination of silvery gray, bluish gray and green-gray, echoing the sky, the Seine and the cobblestones, highlighted with black, gold and mirrors, which takes on a more fluid form and offers guests more privacy.

In addition to the three dining rooms, two additional spaces are available: “Le Comptoir” which offers a point of view from the heart of the Tower, and a view of the mechanical engineering of the yellow pulleys as well as “L’alcôve”, located across from the red pulleys.


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