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Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris - Werner Kuchler passes the baton at Le Relais

The Le Relais Plaza restaurant first opened in 1936. The glorious Art Deco design created by Constant Lefranc was truly ground-breaking and is still much admired today. Its style was inspired by the first-class dining hall of the SS Normandie, one of the greatest ocean liners of its day.

The restaurant is a true Parisienne institution, offering delicately crafted French cuisine in decadent surroundings. This autumn, following the retirement of the much celebrated Werner Kuchler after 47 years at Le Relais, the brasserie welcomes new restaurant manager, Marie Sauvage.

With renewed energy, chef Philippe Marc and his team have reworked the menu incorporating new innovative dishes including Breton artichokes, purslane and black truffle; beef tartare, mesclun and chips and Bourbonnais spit-roasted chicken.


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