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FM Architettura creates the next generation of superyacht with award-winning 'Oasis'

A world leader in the field of interior design, FM Architettura has once again raised the bar in superyacht innovation with the realisation of the refit of the 59.4 metre Oasis. A combination of beautiful craftsmanship and sleek, cutting-edge design has seen Oasis win the Refitted Yacht award at the Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2020.

Oasis Yacht

Originally built by Lürssen in 2006, the brief was to transform this timeless yacht into a family retreat,

conceived with all family members in mind to gather, across all generations, in one place. A unique place

where everyone would enjoy their life onboard, friends and guests included. Every space therefore needed to be reinterpreted into multi-purpose areas, whilst leaving the structure of the yacht untouched. Work began on the two-stage operation in March 2018, and in spite of the complexity of the project, Oasis was delivered on time and on budget in April 2019.

A complete refit of the interiors was needed, not only for aesthetic purposes but principally to adapt the ship’s functionality to accommodate her owners’ desire to spend more time at sea with a large group of family and friends, whilst additionally ensuring each guest’s privacy. Such changes in contemporary lifestyle demanded a remodelling of the spaces for comprising new functions.

The sun deck was remodelled for hosting different activities according to the hours of the day: a spa pool and sunbathing area that could be cleared quickly to land a helicopter; a cinema area for watching films by starlight; a gym for sports lovers; and a dining area for enjoying shared family meals. In general, all areas were carefully planned for having a space dedicated to each one of the family’s favourite activities on board.

Consideration was also given to lifestyle demands that weren’t a concern in 2006, such as the near-charging facilities that have been subtly built into every table. The base colours for the interiors were kept deliberately neutral, providing a restful background for wood and darker tone decorations to play out, highlighting shapes and lines. New upholstering materials were chosen for transmitting a timeless elegance. By covering briar wood walls and furniture with ivory hammered leather and soft brown suede, the original design became airier and more contemporary, adding sophisticated elegance.

The final touch was achieved by the statement dark metal artworks especially commissioned by the owners to highlight the focal points of the lobby and the dining area, reflecting their own personal taste.

A remarkable feat not only for its detailed execution in no time, but also for the excellent result. FM Architettura remodelled and transformed the interiors using Italian leathers, sanding down glossy maple burr to give a contemporary matt finish and re-designed the sundeck completely to suit an owners' new lifestyle.

FM Architettura is a world leader in the field of interior design, dedicated to continually raising the bar

with their superb projects. The studio has built its globally-recognised and well-deserved reputation

since 2010 by ensuring each project undertaken encapsulates the beauty of Italian craftsmanship, and

the functionality of a well-designed space, while representing the quintessence of each client’s brief.

Effortless elegance, authenticity, comfort, craftsmanship, harmony and the very best quality in every

detail - these are just some of the key pillars that make FM masters of bespoke interiors.

Co-founded by architect and superyacht interior designer Francesca Muzio in 2010, FM Architettura

was born from her extensive work on no less than 112 of the most prestigious superyachts in the world.

Her role as Creative Director of the Interior Design Department of the CRN and the Custom Line

Ferretti-Group brought her considerable responsibilities, managing projects in over 20 countries.

Commenting on Oasis, Francesca Muzio, said: “I’m always inspired by people, because spaces are very personal, especially when we talk about superyachts. In this case, the adventure was to combine the lifestyle of three generations in one boat, transforming Oasis into a new living experience.”

She added: “As humans, we have an emotional response to space through touch. Our eyes are well trained, and we can see a space may look luxurious, but only when those textures are carefully integrated into the space.” Based in Ancona in the Le Marche region of Italy, FM Architettura is globally renowned for its pioneering and boundary-breaking designs, fine attention to detail, and sustained employment of local artisans, all of whom are the finest in the country for their work with leather, glass, timber, metals and textiles – all elements incorporated in the firm’s interior design projects and custom furniture.


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