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Equestrian fun with Playmobil

Let’s go horseback riding! Six new playsets are expanding the popular theme and adding, even more, play enjoyment for little horse fans.

The Horseback Riding Lessons start today! The horses and ponies are already waiting in the stables with two horse stalls to get going. The riding instructor helps the student to get on and the training can begin. She is eager to show what she has already learned! Of course, taking care of the horses is part of the fun, too: Brushing the coat, cleaning the hooves and mucking out the stables belong to the daily routine. At the riding area, the rider and her horse are getting ready for the big Horse Riding Tournament. They are entering different disciplines, and at the end, there will be a ribbon for the winning horse. The jumping course is very challenging today, but the rider is completely focused and effortlessly overcomes every obstacle with her horse.

What could be greater than a Pony Farm Birthday Party? It’s an awesome way to spend the big day together with friends and their favourite ponies. The table next to the paddock is decorated for the special day, where the kids enjoy delicious cupcakes. When the weather is nice, they take a trip in the Pony Wagon. In addition, two other playsets with different horse breeds complete the horse farm assortment.

This lovingly designed PLAYMOBIL theme is sure to inspire children with a keen interest in horses and ponies. Complete with lifelike pony breeds, comprehensive accessories and playful details, it is a springboard for endless new stories and adventures.

From March nine new sets expand the existing theme, inviting everyone on a riding holiday with Icelandic ponies and other breeds. Even cuter, collectable pony breeds and supplementary sets will be added to the range. Including the Mobile Farrier who expertly changes the ponies’ shoes, while the Pony Café serves up coffee and cake for the riders – and horseshoe-shaped treats for their four-legged companions! Various accessory sets and different breeds of ponies are available to collect and continue the fun.


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