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Deep into Mauritius with Veranda Resorts

Veranda Resorts in Mauritius has introduced a new programme of experiences aimed at encouraging cultural exchange and supporting local communities titled Deep into Mauritius.

When staying at any of the five Veranda hotels, guests will be able to experience a whole range of experiences that connect them with local culture, nature and people.

Each element of the campaign will address different areas of Mauritian life. For example, Deep into Culture will include bicycle rides around several neighbouring villages or a pirogue trip with local fisherman, and Deep into Sustainability will celebrate local conservational efforts with a visit to a non-profit organisation.

Their Deep into Flavours experiences focus on celebrating Mauritian cuisine includes a unique experience that allows guests to try authentic Mauritian food. In partnership with start-up My Local Table, guests staying at Veranda Hotels will be connected with local families who will host them for a home-cooked meal. After a traditional Mauritian Rum Aperitif, hosts will prepare some specialities for guests to try such as samosas, fish vindaye, and flambéed banana. Guests will be able to try fantastic cuisine, whilst contributing to the local economy and meeting local people. For truly immersive experiences which help boost local communities combined with stays at luxury hotels, Veranda’s Deep into Mauritius programme is unrivalled in what it offers.

Their Deep into Sustainability experience involves a visit to a local community project which is supported financially by the company ‘Lakaz Lespwar’ which means ‘The House of Hope’. This organization located in Solitude in the north of the island, helps reduce poverty through various development and community projects. Their services include the rehabilitation and reintegration of the inhabitants back into the community, helping people in their personal and professional development such as literacy classes for adults, and provide a welcome and safe place for the support and development of children.

Hotels within the Veranda Resorts group include the Veranda Pointe-aux-Biches Resort, Veranda Paul et Virginie, Veranda Grand Baie, Veranda Palmar Beach and Veranda Tamarin. With each hotel in a different part of the island, Veranda Resorts are committed to supporting local communities across Mauritius. All experiences can be booked ahead of time or upon arrival, through the central reservations team.


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