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Corbin & King bring London's finest cuisine to your kitchen table...

Legendary restaurateurs Chris Corbin & Jeremy King are synonymous with some of the finest restaurants that London has ever seen. Their current flagship is, of course, the glorious all-day brasserie The Wolseley located on Piccadilly.

With the current closure of restaurants you can now have the exceptional cuisine from some of their signature restaurants delivered directly to your front door. Their Home Dining meals are delivered to your home and finished by you. Not only do you get to treat yourself, but as true restaurateurs, Corbin & King very generously give 100% of the profits from the Home Dining initiative to their staff. Brav0!

The meals are prepared by Corbin & King chefs to the restaurant recipes, saving you time and effort in cooking at home. The meals arrive refrigerated, can be stored for two days and are mostly all able to be oven heated or microwaved.

From The Wolseley’s Wiener Schnitzel, to Soutine’s Coq au Riesling, or Zédel’s Mousse au Chocolat, there are many to choose from including starters, sides and desserts. A curated selection of wines are also available along with a range of bartender bottled cocktails.

New at the moment is the Easter Holiday Celebratory Meal, with all you need to celebrate spring.

It is available for two or four people, £125 or £225 respectively, and includes:

  • Asparagus Vinaigrette

  • New Season Leg of Lamb Marinated with Rosemary and Garlic & Rosemary Gravy

  • Jersey Royals

  • Amaretto glazed Butternut Squash & Parsnips, Garnished with Amaretti Biscuits

  • Spring Greens

  • Gariguette Strawberry & Champagne Trifle

  • Valrohna chocolate mini eggs

  • Hot Cross Buns

The meals are delivered nationwide to Mainland UK destinations, (excluding the Islands, Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland).

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