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Bigger is Better - Artist Àsìkò exhibits six new super-sized portraits on Brompton Road

The Knightsbridge Estate is delighted to exhibit six new super-sized portraits by the British Nigerian artist Àsìkò on Brompton Road, extending the large-scale photographic installation of his works at the top of Sloane Street to create a dramatic ‘wrap-around’ at the northern end of The Estate. Entitled ‘Of Myth and Legend’, the commission of all 15 portraits marks the completion of seven magnificent flagship stores behind The Knightsbridge Estate’s restored 19th century façades, which form part of the significant redevelopment of the northern end of The Estate.

‘Of Myth and Legend’ is a series of portraits composed of fashion photographic imagery and collage symbolism, inspired by the folklores and mythologies of African deities and their intersection with similar stories of the multicultural communities within London. Through the Orisha, a pantheon of Yoruba deities from southwest Nigeria, Àsìkò weaves and makes connections with various mythologies from London’s vast diaspora landscape. The work explores the connections or shared stories between cultures, highlighting that we have more in common than we think, and our connections loom deeper through the ages.

“When I was young I was inspired by the stories of the heroes and mythology of my Yoruba culture. These cultural icons form the inspiration for ‘Of Myth and Legend’, which explores the legends of the Orisha through new interpretations of the diaspora narrative.

This work is an homage to the great culture, heritage and multicultural expanse of the city of London, so it’s thrilling to see all 15 portraits hung in such an iconic and prominent address, spanning Sloane Street and Brompton Road. From German to Indian, African and Asian, the palette of London is wide and vast, a melting point of ethnicities and backgrounds.” Àsìkò

“The Knightsbridge Estate is delighted to be exhibiting six new stunning portraits by Àsìkò on Brompton Road. The response to the installation on Sloane Street from visitors and residents alike has been hugely positive, and we hope that the new art works will bring equal pleasure.” Sarah Waller, Chelsfield’s Senior Asset Manager, The Knightsbridge Estate


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