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Beyond exclusive - Own unownable art with Mintus

For those who thought they could never own* a world-renowned and exclusive work of art, things are about to change. As most savvy investors know the high-end art market is a fabulous source for incredible returns and this is your opportunity to get in on the action, without the risk of having to determine which are the best pieces to select or possessing an insiders knowledge on the art market.

Mintus, a new, art investment platform offers investors the opportunity to invest in high-value Modern and Contemporary art. Investors will be able to buy shares in a UK company which directly owns and manages the artwork. Paintings by Andy Warhol and George Condo are the first two works to be presented by Mintus, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the first platform of its kind in the UK. Over $200 million worth of paintings will be on offer to Mintus investors over the course of 2022, both individually and through curated portfolios of art.

The first outstanding painting on the Mintus platform will be an Andy Warhol Self-Portrait from 1966, priced at USD $5 million and valued last month at $6.8 million by an independent, leading appraiser. The other painting is George Condo’s The Outcast from 2018, priced at USD $2.775 million and valued last month at USD $3 million. Both paintings are exceptional examples of each artist’s quintessential styles.

Warhol’s Self-Portrait has been held in a private collection since 1991 and was last exhibited in 2003. In making the work publicly available for the first time in 31 years Mintus is enabling those looking for alternative ways to invest their money the chance to own shares and invest in an iconic artwork by the legendary pop-artist.

George Condo is one of the market’s most sought after artists, deeply inspired and influenced by Pablo Picasso. He brings his figures and compositions to life through originality and wit. The visually arresting composition of The Outcast provides a unique opportunity for investors to own shares and invest in a striking work by Condo.

Brett Gorvy, Mintus’ Advisory Board Member and the Chief Curator said, “Andy Warhol and George Condo are among the most desirable and sought-after contemporary artists to collect today. Their markets are very international and both artists are currently experiencing new popular heights as a result of major museum retrospectives and record prices achieved at auction.”

Previously, accessing high-value, iconic art has predominantly been limited to selected individuals and institutions. Mintus, through its state-of-the-art, online investment platform, is now making this viable for all qualifying investors.


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