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Annabel’s - The legendary club reopens after a major design-led refurbishment (and relocation!)

The most famous ‘shop’ in the world has a very appropriate slogan to let you know of its stature in the world – ‘There is only one Harrods’ – and while it fits them perfectly, it could easily be adapted to ‘There is only one club in the world’ – and that is, of course, Annabel’s!

At 46 Berkeley Square, just a few doors down from its original location, Annabel’s celebrates its first year in the opulent mansion, featuring experiences and cuisine from across the globe. The members-only club is internationally renowned as THE only club to belong to. The moment you spy their uber-trendy doorman in pink suits guarding the doors you know something special lays behind.

Everyone who is anyone is a member at Annabel’s!

Annabel’s guarantees a pleasurable social outing with its spread of cuisine from all corners of the world, alongside world-class cocktails and an impressive wine list coming straight out of Italian vineyards. Breathe in the atmosphere, crafted carefully by renowned architects, while imbibing a signature cocktail and small plate from restaurant of your choosing.

Its most recent addition, Matteo’s, was designed by famed architect Martin Brudnizki in the spirit of the old Annabel’s—here, the staple Buddha, amongst other original art, makes its return to the luxurious club. Matteo’s takes its name after owner Richard Caring’s five-year-old son, whose portrait is featured on the wine menu, next to Michelangelo’s. The restaurant features a seemingly endless wine list, with reds from regions of Italy such as Piedmont, Trentino, Tuscany, and more. Order a bottle of 1955 Biondi-Santi red from the Brunello di Montalcino Riserva and end the night with a dessert wine from Sicily, for example. The current list spreads 40 pages, opening up a world of decadent wine tasting during an evening at Matteo’s. During lunch hours, signature cocktails and “mind and body” beverages—infused with CBD oil—are available, all masterfully crafted by Annabel’s Bar Team.

For a taste of Latin America, The Mexican offers daily, fresh chef’s specials dependent on the day’s produce, as well as a set menu of vibrant small plates and “Platos Fuertes” for when hunger strikes. The Mexican also features traditionally Mexican desserts, such as vanilla flan or churros with delectable banana ice cream. Although The Mexican can be reserved for private affairs in the morning, as the sun goes down, life flourishes amongst the colourfully decorated interior; dancing, drinks, and dining overlooking Berkeley Square from The Mexican’s second floor view.

Regardless of the weather, The Garden delivers its aesthetics and greenery from morning to night, seven day a week. London-based steel and glass architect Waagner Biro designed the glass roof, retractable on picturesquely sunny London days. On Sundays, enjoy a brunch in Annabel’s Rose Room, complete with dishes such as Lobster Cocktail and Wagyu Prime Rib; there’s even a set lunch menu for children to accompany the brunching adults. The rest of the week, meals are served at every hour, alongside an exquisite cocktail menu featuring drinks like “Citrus Bloom” and “Winter Scent,” depending on how the weather is making you feel.

Annabel’s also features Asian-inspired dishes in The Elephant Room, for both lunch and dinner. With elephants, horses, and images of the Eastern Asian countryside surrounding you, it’s easy to watch the time pass in this opulent Asian atmosphere. The Elephant Room may have a smaller menu in comparison other Annabel’s restaurants; but, whether it’s Japanese sashimi or Indian chicken tikka that you’re in the mood for, The Elephant Room will indulge your craving. Even its beverages embrace Japanese notes, as in the Lady Shouzo VSOP Cognac cocktail.

The ‘new’ Annabel’s is truly a feast for both your palate and your eyes. If you’re not a member – beg, steal or borrow an invitation and see the magic for yourself!


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