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Ooh La La - Afternoon Tea at Sofitel London St James

Carlsberg don’t do Afternoon Tea reviews, but if they did they might say “this is probably the best Afternoon Tea in London”. Although I am fully aware of the unquestionable reputation of enjoying Afternoon Tea at legendary hotels such as the Ritz or The Savoy, I declare they have established their reputation primarily on their phenomenal venue as opposed to the food which is served.

What makes the Afternoon Tea, created by the hotel’s Pastry Chef Jamie Warley and served in the Rose Lounge at the Sofitel London St James so special is their unique French twist - Ooh La La!

The hotel's Afternoon Tea pays tribute to France and French cuisine and its inspiring history with this delightful new menu. While Afternoon Tea is considered a quintessentially British custom, the act of drinking tea in France dates back to the 17th century when it became a popular activity amongst aristocratic ladies, whilst entertaining in the morning and afternoon. So perhaps the French could even lay claim to serving a ‘Morning Tea’.

Chef Warley’s travels in France inspired the menu of traditional French flavours. His new menu begins with innovative savoury dishes such as French onion soup, Croque monsieur, and celeriac, truffle and bacon quiche, all served in delicious bite-sized portions and a very welcome treat from the overly-done concept of boring finger sandwiches.

The sweet options on offer include an Earl grey and coffee choux bun, a tarragon and blackberry macaron, and a delightful crème fraiche with pumpkin and maple. Each of which is a truly decadent treat created with panache and flair and as mouth-wateringly delicious as they look.

Not only did the 'French touch' on our Afternoon Tea make it a memorable experience but add to this a bit of Italian flair from our fabulous server whose genuine professionalism and expert guidance in selecting from a range of teas added to the overall experience.

The tasteful menu is served in the hotel's exquisite Rose Lounge, alongside a selection of exclusive teas and Champagne. Surrounded by subtle pink hues and stunning displays of fragrant roses, guests will be transported to the beautiful landscapes of France while indulging in freshly made delicacies.

Afternoon Tea is served from Thursday to Monday, from 12pm to 5pm and priced at £55 per person or £65 per person including a glass of champagne. To book, please visit The Rose Lounge at Sofitel London St James.


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