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A personalised jewellery experience with Annoushka

My Life In Seven Charms is the very first entirely commissionable experience from Annoushka. Clients will work alongside Annoushka herself to reimagine memories, stories, places, loved ones, cherished objects and more and distil them into a series of entirely unique and personal 18ct gold charms.

Each Life In Seven Charms commission is presented in a beautifully bound and personalised jewellery box.

Designed like a book, it opens to reveal suede-lined compartments which house the individual precious charms. These charms are designed as a collection; however, they can be worn individually; playfully clipping on and off your choice of bracelet or necklace.

Alongside the bespoke experience Annoushka has launched My Life In Seven Charms podcast - an engaging and personal new series that teases out key moments from the life of each guest so that it can then be re-imagined as a series of charms. At the end of each podcast, the guest will be asked to choose from the seven charms the one that best encapsulates their life and the story they would want to pass on to future generations.

Annoushka will subsequently design and make this unique charm by way of a thank-you to each guest, as well giving you a beautiful hand-painted drawing of all seven charms. Personal and reflective, each episode will bring insight and humour to a format where memories are called up and re-made into treasurable objects—the charms.

Collectively, just like a charm bracelet, the guests on these podcasts will form a kind of chain representing a wide range of experiences: of achievements and setbacks, friendships and influences, dreams and reality.


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