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5 of the most luxurious places you can visit for a fancy night out

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modernity, one often forgets the self and leaves it to rot from nine to five, every day. Taking a step back, one can finally remember what it feels like to be human, to experience the luxury of the world around them and become cognizant of all the luxurious options for a night out.

1. Yes Reservations: The Restaurant

The perfect meal is a lifelong goal for many of the world’s most refined individuals, those who consistently seek a true nirvana of cuisine.

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”

- Auguste Escoffier

Mr. Escoffier would seldom be what one can call a liar and, on a similar note, would surely be an advocate of Jules Verne, a fine dining outlier and a precious child of Alain Ducasse, an incredible chef. Located within view of the Eiffel tower, it is the sheer passion of such a location that lends its food such elevated status; a mythical balance between the Haute French chic and traditional, authentic flavours.

2. The Getaway: A Stay at a Hotel

Fundamental to humanity is a need for food, water, and shelter. Extraordinary, then, is the need for exceptional shelter, entirely segregated from the rabble and affluent to the extreme.

Whether seeking the finest physical comforts or the best retreat from reality, Raffles The Palm, Dubai has everything you need. Situated in the centre of the middle east, whether it's one of the world’s most expensive suites or proximity to the famed Dubai shopping experiences just downstairs. But if you booked the most expensive room, you can choose to stay in bed and bet on sports or go out and discover the city.

3. Wine Tasting: An age old practice

On the other side of the same coin: wine. The lifeblood of the world since the time of ancient Greece, great wine - red, white or rose - has been an ever-present symbol of decadence. Likewise, a great wine tasting can be a truly luxurious accent to a night out.

A visit to a winery, such as the Redaelli de Zinis, can provide not only an explosion of different aromas and tastes, yet an even better insight into the production behind your favourite wines. The mentioned winery, located on Lake Garda, is committed to preserving wine-making culture and produces some of the finest wines in the region.

4. Art mimics life: or the other way around?

Art is soul. Visiting an art gallery, in turn, must be a soul-enriching activity. Whether visiting a fantastical museum in another country or a gallery pop up in a local town, the experience is worth it.

An art gallery offers a zone for deep reflection on life’s deepest questions. Expensive thrills can be enjoyable, but galleries like the David Zwirner, New York, uniquely provide space for dialogue, whether internal or external and an actual key to self-development.

5. A Spa Day: The Safe Choice

Perhaps the most cliche of the list so far, it is undeniable that a trip to a spa can be a much-needed escape from reality’s woes. Many spa resorts offer far more than some heated water these days, allowing the most eager of us to engage in all sorts of physiological or cosmetic treatments.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, located in the renowned European spa destination of Switzerland, is one such place. Transporting the mind from material trivialities and into the zone of relaxation is one of life’s greatest goals, aided healthily by this fantastic spa.

In conclusion

Although easy to forget when grouped together in a listicle, there is no rush needed when combing through these night-out ideas. Take your time and immerse yourself in a world of luxury.


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